Ideas For Making Money Selling Automobiles On

  • September 12, 2020

Where can you post your ad to sell your automobile, have it seen by millions of visitors, and not pay for the ad? The answer is Using to sell your car or truck is a very good idea. Other ad sites cost money and many print ads are expensive. In addition, the print ads cannot reproduce pictures well. Overall, if you are looking to sell your car or truck you should try posting an ad on Here are some ideas for making money selling automobiles on

First get your car washed and detailed. Shine the tires, clean the interior, polish the glass and chrome. Make sure it is vacuumed out and all leather and vinyl are cleaned with a shine and protestant such as Armor All. Now you are ready to take your photos. Be sure that the photos are clear and really make the car look good. Then write a killer ad. Be sure to list all of the extras. Then post your ad. Follow up to all emails promptly. Every three days, cancel the ad and submit a new one. This will keep your ad toward the top of the list where more people are likely to see it. A good ad with great pictures kept on the first page will sell quickly.

You can buy cars on too. If you are handy and know a little bit on how to fix cars and make them look good and run well, then you can make money selling automobiles on Here is how. Buy a car well below blue book value. Perhaps it needs some minor work or it may need paint. Be sure you understand what you are getting into. Purchase the car, fix it and then resell it for a profit. If you are smart and keep track of your costs you can do very well with reselling just one car a month. It does not have to be newer cars, although they are sometimes easier to sell than classic ones. The process to get this automobile ready for sale is the same as for the first one. Make sure it is very clean and polished. Take great pictures of it and write a killer ad. Use the same three day rule as above. Set a goal for one car per month and you will be amazed at how fast you can start making money in your spare time.

You can also sell parts for automobiles on Once you start fixing up cars you may replace older parts for new. Why not sell off those extra parts to bring in a little more cash? Those old parts, especially original ones are in demand by many collectors. Take detailed photos of the parts for nest sales results. This is just another idea for making money selling automobiles on

There you have it. All of these ideas for making money selling automobiles on are right here. How to buy and resell cars, sell off extra unwanted parts, placing ads and how to manage your ad have all been reviewed. Why not try selling your next auto on it may sell faster and for more money than you ever imagined. The best part of it is the listing is always free!


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