Ideas For Making Money With MLM Programs On

  • September 12, 2020

Need ideas for making money with MLM programs on does not allow the posting of affiliate marketing, link referral codes, and pyramid schemes. However you can promote your MLM business if you stay within the rules. Although does not have a specific category for MLM (Multi-level marketing) programs, you can still promote your business and recruit on if you follow the advice below.

All legitimate MLM programs sell a product. It could be books, toys, lingerie, make up, home products and more. It does not matter. has a category for anything your MLM program sells. The first order of business, post your ad for items for sale in the correct categories. Include pictures and contact information. You can even promote your webpage (if you have your own domain name, do not use your standard MLM link) by placing a “for more info” link in your sales ad. The ads are free so you should post as many as you can keep track of. Each ad should feature a different product so that you do not get into trouble with the duplicate ad / spam situation. Here is an ad that will be totally acceptable “Discovery Toys Game, X From Outer Space for Sale” or “Tupperware Tumbler Set For Sale ? New” Every 2-3 days, delete the ad and post a new one (even if it the same exact wording). Always list a quantity of 1. Just keep running the ad and responding to whoever inquires about the product. It is amazing how much product you can move this way. When you are in need of making those extra sales in order to qualify for contests or promotions, posting several products for sale for an entire month will give you a big boost. This may be what gets you to the next level. Management of your ad is important. You want to stay near the top of the page, so delete and repost often (no sooner than every 2 days). This is the first idea for making money with MLM programs on

The next idea is to promote your service. Many MLM companies offer a service as well as products. Many have fundraisers. Tupperware, Usborne Books, Discovery Toys are just a few. Promote your fundraiser. Post an ad for the fundraiser service. Make sure that you have your contact information included. Again, if you have your own domain name, list your website for more information. There are no restrictions on offering bona fide products and services. As long as you are selling a tangible item or service you will not get in trouble for posting to Here is an example of an ad that is acceptable “Fundraisers for your school or church selling educational books”. Posting your ad is free.

You can use the marketing and sales positions wanted in the job opportunities, but you must be very careful on how you word these. Do not use the company’s name. Instead be vague. Something such as: “Looking for energetic people for sales position, training provided, commission only. Full or Part-time”. An ad like this will not get you into trouble. You are being honest about what you are promoting. Do your recruiting after you screen those who inquire.

Hold a party! After all, many MLM’s are party plans. Hold a party at your house and invite the entire community!. Post your event out to the community board and request that anyone interested RSVP by a certain date. You will be amazed at how large a group you will be able to get together this way. You can also post to the community about a marketing or sales seminar. Thinking outside the box for you MLM marketing will get you to the level you want to achieve. You just have to be different from everyone else.

Overall, ideas for making money with MLM programs on abound. You just have to be careful not to step outside their rules and regulations. Keep the rules in mind and sell to your hearts content.


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